Saturday, May 22, 2010

Youth'10 - Road Trip

Hey Leaders !

This event is cooler than ever XD We are organizing a road trip to Youth'10 - Malaysia's Largest Youth Gathering.  ==> info)

Date of Departure : 27th May 2010 (Thursday)
Time : 6:00pm
Meeting Place : Sungai Nibong (Bus Terminal) Penang
Estimated Price of transportation: RM 75 (Bus), RM 20 (Teksi)
Price of hotel : RM 100 (2 days at Hotel Duta Vista Executive Suite)
Price of food : Up to you =D to bring

Date of Return : 29th May 2010 (Saturday)
Time : 11:00pm
Place of Depart : Hotel Duta Vista
Person to contact : Ginger (0165577465)

**Youths below 18years old, please inform your parents and please provide Ginger with your parent's phone number.
**Resit of the hotel stay and transportation will be given


- Visits to Conference by Maybank
- Meeting with Youth Leaders
- Meeting with Industry Leaders
- Creative platform engagement
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