Saturday, November 6, 2010

Invitation to Penang Forum 3: Elections to determine civil society nominees to serve as MPPP and MPSP Councillors for 2011

Hey Penang Youth Leaders Listen UP !

Its time for you to speak your mind and make CHANGE here in PENANG  =) If you are one of those who believes in CHANGE Then let's rock this event together.

Date: Sunday, 14 November
Venue: Penang Chinese Girls School Alumni Hall (directly opposite St Nicholas), along Jalan Bagan Jermal.
Time: 9.00 am - 3.00 pm
Registration: RM10 (vegetarian lunch/tea provided) (RM5 for students)

What is this about?


It is the general election for the MPPP council ! =D And guess who is on the list ???  Our very own Youth Leader :

Dalbinder Singh Gill (Nephew of Kapal Singh)

Part-Time Student
Pencadang: Dr. Chin Wee Loon
Penyokong: Muhamad Faried Bin Ilias



I am hoping to represent the Penang Community as a MPPP Councillor in the upcoming MPPP Council elections. I want to talk about you—to hear from you. Because if I am truly to represent you, I need to know what you are thinking, what your concerns are, what ideas, aspirations and hopes you have for Penang. Let’s start as I mean to go on—working together to shape Penang the way we want it. What I bring to the table—your table—is a passionate commitment to serve you. I will do it, giving you a voice in Council that will be heard through Penang. And it won’t be a part-time voice. I promise you an absolute commitment to work full-time on your behalf and be accessible when you need me to listen, to investigate and to act. I will listen, interact and access every sector of the community. I am committed to being a Councillor of Penang MPPP with an inclusive, not a divisive, leadership style. I will work to bring Penang together and represent every community. It’s a privilege to be able to serve the MPPP, and the people. This is a time of change that requires a pair of safe hands, relevant experience but perhaps more importantly an ability to work in a team, which is crucial. I am ready to you the strength, the voice and the presence you need in the MPPP. I plead for chance as YOUR LOCAL VOICE to gain ground and experience that will enhance/enrich my knowledge. Now I am ready to give my strength, my voice and the presence you need in the MPPP.
Thank you.
Please give your feedback about Issues you would like me to advocate!


Get to know our Penang state and get some extra knowledge.. After all we ARE the FUTURE LEADERS.. Nevertheless, network with the authorities and get EXPOSURE.. =)


PROGRAMME for Penang Forum 3

There will be two inputs before the nomination/election process. The first will provide a short history of the local elections, the structures of the MPPP and MPSP and the role of councillors within those structures. The second will be a discussion about what we expect from a councillor. Then we will invite those people who have put themselves forward as potential civil society nominees to say a few words. We will then have an election (of five nominees for MPPP and five for MPSP)! These names will be forwarded to the state government (YB Chow will be invited to the Forum) for appointment.
8.30 Registration
9.00 Short history of local elections (Dr Francis Loh), the structures of the MPPP and MPSP and the role of councillors within those structures (Lim Kah Cheng)
9.40 What NGOs expect from a councillor (Ahmad Chik)
10.00 Q & A
10.30 Break
10.45 Introduction of candidates
Candidates Speak! All nominees will be given a chance to address Penang Forum 3, time limit for each speaker depends on the number of candidates we have)
11.30 Q & A
12.30 Voting for Nominees Each participant will be given a ballot sheet listing all nominations, and will have a maximum of five votes, for Penang Island and Seberang Prai respectively (i.e. ten in all)
1.00 Lunch
2.00 Briefing on local plan (Lin Lee/Agatha Foo/Laurence Loh)
2.20 Q & A
2.30 Announcement of results to be followed by a Press Conference where successful candidates will be introduced to the Press!

All the above are in Layman's term.. These are the technical ones if you are interested to read on :


Elected local representation is a cornerstone of local government and local democracy. Municipal (local) government elections used to be part of our democratic process until they were suspended in 1965 by the federal Alliance government. Since then, local councillors have been political appointees. In 2008, the new PR state governments appointed a few NGO representatives as part of their election promises which included bringing back local elections.
Penang Forum is committed to helping bring back local elections to Penang to promote democracy, transparency and accountability. Pending that, Penang Forum would like to see a more transparent appointment of civil society's representatives in MPPP and MPSP and is asking that for 2011, there be five civil society councillors appointed for Penang Island and another five for Seberang Prai.
We are calling Penang Forum 3 to elect nominees for these positions.


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