Friday, April 29, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton wish the happy couple Prince William and Kate Middleton.. happily ever after in their marriage. As Youth Jam'11 Fever is rising up. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Royal Family of the British in this event. Just a news to share with the youth leaders on superb event like this :

Royal Wedding Internet Chatter
2.1 million: The number of total tweets about the royal wedding over the past week. (This includes tweets with the Twitter hashtags #royalwedding and #rw2011, and those about the bride and groom, the royal family, notable guests and other relevant topics.)
1.77 million: The number of public Facebook comments to mention the phrase "royal wedding" over the past four weeks in the U.S. (In the U.K., the figure is 1.8 million over the same time period.)
800,000+: The number of views for "Royal Wedding Invitation," the most-viewed official royal wedding video. (The most-viewed unofficial royal wedding video, "T-Mobile Royal Wedding," has 14.2 million views.)
400,000: The number of royal wedding-related eBay auctions this week (up from 7,435 in mid-February), according to Mashable.
11,255: The number of results returned for the search term "royal wedding" on the photo-sharing site Flickr.
5,000: The number of videos uploaded to YouTube tagged "royal wedding" in the last week.
3107: The percentage increase in Yahoo! searches for "Royal Wedding Guest List" over the past week.
1705: The percentage increase in Yahoo! searches for "Kate Middleton Diet" over the past week.
1199: The percentage increase in Yahoo! searches for "What Is Prince Williams Last Name" over the past week.
600-700: The number of tweets per minute posted by Twitter users the day before the wedding. (On Wednesday, that figure was just 200-300 tweets per minute.)
70: The percentage increase in worldwide Google searches for "fascinator" (Kate's hair piece) over the past 30 days.
15: The percentage increase in worldwide Google searches for "sapphire rings" over the past year.
.3: The percentage of news reports about the royal wedding in the U.S., since the couple's November 2010 engagement.
4/25/2012: The week Google searches for "Kate Middleton" surpassed searches for "Lady Gaga" for the first time
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