Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's New for ??


Guess what's after Youth Jam?? Here are some 'Fantabulous' updates from PenangYouth.. and what we are going to do next to provide YOUth with loads of fun and development !! =D

We got the K-POP Talent Search in collaboration with Gurney and Korean Tourism !! you may download the picture below and submit to Gurney information counter when done !! OR you can get from Gurney information counter itself !! =D

Below are appreciation to the volunteers who helped out in this event !! You can check them out here ! ==>
1. Ada Ho Kah Leng
2. Gaik Lyn
3. Bryan
4. Danny Lim
5. Evan Cheah
6. Tan Huan Zhu
7. Tud Tud
8. Hyun Mun
9. Jaimie Thor
10. Janice Tio
11. Jasen Gan
12. Joan Chin
13. Kah Wee Lim
14. Lim Jovan
15. Nick Toong
16. Sheng Pin Ong
17. Sasa
18. Tay Wern Nar
19. Teh Kexin
20. Wilson Wang

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