Thursday, September 22, 2011

Build Your Platforms in Penang Youth

Hey All !! =D

When is the last time that we have talked and connected !!! =D  
Penang Youth is now developing PLATFORMS !! =)

Let us give you an idea how this works. Check this out :

You can create your own Youth Initiatives and start off your own platforms under the 3pillars. As long as it is your passion and desire. 

Here is one spectacular example that the youth kick-start off their youth initiatives !! Check them out !! :

YOU can make a difference too !! How is Penang Youth coming in to support you? Remember our Penang Youth Club?? at 77-4B-2 Penang Times Square, Jalan Dato Keramat 10150 Penang.. YOU can use the facilities there at ANY TIME. We got full set of office equipment :

1. Projectors
2. Whiteboards
3. Tables
4. Chairs
5. Sound System
6. Printer
7. Wifi

All available for YOU and your youth initiatives activities ! How else can we support you?? You got an idea? You want the adults and brands to listen to you?? This is the right platform for yea =)

Drop us a line at 
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