Friday, September 30, 2011

The Distance - Parental and Youth Engagement 2011

Registration Fee : FREE with LUNCH and BUFFET provided =)
Concept : To put the youth in their parents' shoes and vice versa
Objectives :

  • To enlighten parents on the fact that most youths are finding it a problem communicating with their parents
  • To strengthen the bond between youths and their parents
  • To guide youths towards understanding the difficulties of becoming a parent
  • To demonstrate to parents the true potential of youths and how youth development activities should be approved
Project Itinerary:

10am - 12pm  - Youth Representative with Councillor, Parents' Representative with Councillor, Presentation of Penang Youth Club by Jazz Tan to enlighten Parents' with Youth Development Programs
12pm - 1pm  - Lunch 
1pm - 2:30pm - Understanding Them Best
2:30pm - 3pm - Tea Time and End

Project outcome :

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