Sunday, November 13, 2011

What is Penang Youth? How can I join?

Hey Youth Leaders,

We usually received a lot a lot a a lot a lot a lot of QUESTIONS and today.. This post is to help you guys answer them !! So, usually these are the questions we received :

1. What is Penang Youth?
2. How can I be a part of the member?
3. How much must I pay if I were to be a member?
4. How often is the meeting?
5. Will I sacrifice my studies if I joined you?

So, here goes to all the Question out there =D  This is to tell you what we do and who we are !! =)

1. What is Penang Youth??

Penang Youth is a platform for all young people between the age of 13years old to 29 years old. We don't care WHO you are or WHERE your from.. as long as you want to learn something and at the same time HAVE FUN. Here is the best place for you to explore yourself. Below are the areas that we offer ALL youths !!

  • Entrepreneurship  (In other words, building businesses.. we offer advise and consultations for you and also business networking sessions plus workshops, skills and management)
  • Technology (Computer Programming, Software applications, website building, techno geek gathering)
  • Creative Arts (Graphic Design, Dance, Videography, Photography and anything that creates FUN and FLASHY COLORS)

2. How can I be a part of the member?

COME'ON !!! Seriously... ANYONE can be a member of Penang Youth =) As long as you are from Penang. So the question now is how can you sign up with us?? FOLLOW the steps below :

 Step 1 :  Click on the "Youth Leader" tab you see above
 Step 2 : Then fill up the form (online)
 Step 3 : Give us ONE day to contact you. 
 Step 4 : If we didn't contact you.. you can BUG us here .. I mean literately SPAM our facebook walls here ==>

You know why?? Cause each and everyone of you is IMPORTANT to us.. =) and we don't want to miss the chance of losing you !!

BUTTTT.. if you are from other states in Malaysia and love our concept.. you can write in to us.. we would LOVE to talk to you =D

3. How much must I pay if I am a member?

you have to pay like...... A LOT !!! .. This is the first class platform for FIRST CLASS youth only... we charge :

RM 0.00  -  For sourcing networks for you
RM 0.00 - For giving you a place to train and work
RM 0.00 - For Leadership workshops, management workshops, seminars, advises
RM 0.00 - For consultations and advise
RM 0.00 - For you to have fun


**Winks** ... Its FREE for those who have the heart to learn =) we only charge the brands to support your development =D

4. How often is the meeting?

Well, we usually update all our members here ==>
if there are events only we have meetings. It is entirely up to you if you want to participate in that particular event =D.. So our medium of communication is ALWAYS through Facebook.  Below is the example of screenshot of our meetings and updates :

5. Will I sacrifice my studies if I join Penang Youth?

NO you won't.. cause we always excuse those who have exams or something important to do... BUT.. if you do not manage your time well.. YOU are responsible for YOURSELF =D

If you have anymore questions that you think you need us to answer, simply SPAM any of our Facebook wall or our chat box at the left hand corner.. =)

Signing offfffff with LOVEEEE =D

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