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Hey there!
Business Solution Seekers, Partners, Event Managers, Cooperates, Brands, Youths , Schools, Teachers and fellow friends. Warmest Greetings from Penang Youth. So, yeah ! This is what we do :


Here goes a story about Penang Youth. It was founded by two young aspiring entrepreneurs 
Jazz Tan and Ginger Chin. This company was established in line with the objectives to cultivate Penang Youths with creativity skills, entrepreneurship development, technology enhancement and developing positive changes in the mindset that youths have what it takes to go global. Introducing creative mega youth projects, 'never-done-before' ideas, having the 'we-do-not-copy, we-ImProViSe' concept, showering youths with knowledge. And of course ! Channeling Music into LIFE =) 

People Behind Scene
Of Course in order to run our company, we have talented individuals working day-in-day-out with us to ensure the smooth workflow. So who are our core team members?

Core Team Members
Jazz Tan - Director
Ginger Chin - Managing Director
Wilson Wang - Logistic Director
Wilson Beh - Content Director
Loh Eng Seng - Strategic Director
Khor Kar Tien - Strategic Director
Ar Zhoe - Creative Art Director

Sub Core Team Members (Appreciation)
JohnShenLee - Photography Platform
Daniel Wong - Videography Platform

Chong Yu Tatt
Lim Chiew Ping
Chin Pei Ming
Teh Hui Ying
Jason Chan
Hafifi Fatah

What Do We Do? 

What actually makes us different from other event management companies or youth event companies? We FOCUS on developing youths in creativity perceptions. We work directly with youth groups, youth leaders and aspiring youth individuals . We provide a platform for youths to expand themselves in anyways they are comfortable with, in CREATIVITY.

Penang Youth Groups that we are developing on :

We strive for outstanding performances. Driving Penang to an era of Technology savvy and Art Performances. We also believe that every youth has the opportunity to learn and explore. Without a COST! =)

Entrepreneurship Programs
Technology Programs
Soft Skills Development
Event Managing Courses
Creative Arts
Beat Boxing
Disk Jockey (DJ)
Break Dancers
Dance Choreographing
Multimedia Research Group
Video Editing
Multimedia Designs
Instrumental Plays
Website Developments

What have we done? 
The mega projects that we have Done before :
Youth Jam'09 - Penang Largest Merdeka Youth Carnival 2009
Penang Largest Youth Sports Carnival 2009
Youth Badminton Championship 2009
My Dream Phone Exhibition 2009
Youth Creative Workshop Camp 2009
Youth Conferences 2010
Youth Jam'10 - Penang Largest Merdeka Youth Carnival 2010
Youth Jam'11 - Penang Largest Youth Carnival 2011

Reaching out to almost 70,000++ youths in Penang and around Malaysia. Established connections, on ground activities, working with cooperate brands, exposing brands to youths. We are also active in sponsorships with college campus, high schools and universities. 

What Brands Have We Worked With? 

How can you engage your Business with us?

As mentioned above, we work together with youths to develop their creativity skills in their respective comfort zone. We engage youths with brands, cooperates and event companies once they have enhance their skills to the max. Indirectly, youths are being more exposed and more opportunities awaits them.

For more enquiries, email : jazz@penangyouth.com /jazz_ada@hotmail.com / call 0164157022(Jazz)
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