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Dear Youths !

We are looking for OUTSTANDING youth to work with us on Youth Jam'12 Project. This time, it will be bigger and BETTER than 2011. We are now in the selection for SUB LEADERS to represent your school, colleges or university (ONLY ONE FROM EACH LEARNING INSTITUTION). You may watch what our Prime Minister has to say for Youth Jam !

We are looking for youth who are eligible to be in the Youth Jam leaders group representing your own learning institution :

Qualifications to enter :
1. You MUST have a post and represent a club and society in your own school/college or Uni
2. You MUST be at least 16years old and above (if you are 15 this year, you can register too)
3. You MUST be able to speak out in a crowd
4. Possesses Leadership Skills
5. You MUST be influential to your friends

If you have the above, wait no more, fill in the form below the whole conversation and let's set out a mission to bring Malaysia UP ! Trust me, you'll love this journey with us !

What you will be doing :
1. We will provide you all the marketing materials (including endorsement letters from the government, supporting documents, approval letters) and you will set out to talk to your principal about Youth Jam'12 Project. We will even give you CDs and Clips to talk to your teachers and school friends
2. You will be influencing your friends to attend events (Entrepreneurship Programs, organizing programs, development programs) - Your success rate depends on your presentation skills.
3. You will be the official ambassador of PenangYouth and let your learning institution and youth voices be HEARD !!..

What will you get in return? :
1. Outstanding portfolio and recommendation letter from the Government Agencies and Penang Youth
2. National Certificate
3. First Hand Priority with Entrepreneurs and World Leaders
4. Training Programs and Soft Skills Programs
5. All food and expenses covered
6. Free Leadership Workshops
7. Your Voices WILL be heard and action shall be taken (YOU are the FUTURE of this COUNTRY)

We will open the application starting from  1st July 2011 to 1st December 2011. Be reminded that you will have to go through an interview session with us before you are eligible to become an official Representative.

No of Sub Leaders who are registered with us : 39 Sub Leaders

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